School Girl

It’s been 2 years since I’ve graduated and I hate to say that I miss school. Students who read this probably won’t agree with me but I couldn’t help it! I miss feeling all “nerdy” and “know -it- all” when I give reports. I miss hanging out with friends on the hallways or the canteen. I miss eating street food and chasing after teachers because we were way past our project deadlines. It’s just so different from the career life! My opinion of the matter is that students were always richer than career people. I believe that applies up to this point. 😛 Goodbye allowance and it’s time to start managing your salary! It’s time to weigh the pros and cons in buying stuff and saving for a rainy day.

I know I won’t have the chance to walk the hallways of any school these days. So, I’ll just have to make up for it with what I’m wearing with this outfit I decided to wear on a night out with my high school friends… More on that later….


Polo Top:Human;Tank:F21,Jeans:Taiwan,Sneakers:Converse,Watch:O’Clock,Ring:Cache Cache,Headband:Broadway Gems,Earrings:Claire’s, Mail Bag: Greenhills

During my college years, I’ve never had the privilege to wear comfy clothes as much as I’ve wanted to. Being in a medical school, it’s all about wearing your complete uniforms and ID’s or else you can’t enter class. For those who are able to wear clothes other than uniforms. Consider yourself blessed! However, we all know most schools are strict with the dress code. These rules don’t mean that you should look drabby all the way. Mix up those creative juices by wearing your personality yet staying within the school’s rules! For those who are looking for ideas, check out these tips:

1.)    The shirt-jeans-sneaks combo is a no-fail school outfit. It’s super comfy that you can possibly do some acrobatic stunts with it… I’m kidding…. Besides, who wants to go to school with starchy and stiff clothes especially in a humid weather like this?


2.)    Instead of boring denim jeans, why not go for printed jeans and pairing them with plain tops for a change?

3.)    Make sure to always wear a watch so that you don’t have an excuse to be late for your classes!

4.)    Bags with a lot of compartments are very practical for students. You don’t necessarily need a backpack, bring a funky mail bag instead.


5.) Don on some practical accessories such as headbands, earrings, and rings so as it is part of your school’s dress code.





Don’t I look like a normal student cramming along the hallways? LOL!


Or probably hailing a jeep or cab because I’m super late! 😛


I’m a fan of Statement or Slogan Tees as long as it actually means something. Take this tank for example: It practically speaks out all the characteristics of my best friend, Jesus. It’s what made me buy this top without hesitation in the first place! I’m not trying to show off but I want everyone to know who I believe in even if I don’t say anything. Thus, this marks my slogan for life, to remember who Jesus is! Also, my polo top has a little G-clef on the upper left corner signifying my love for music. Say goodbye to “blah” School Wear! Inject your personality in your outfits and see the difference. Psychology has to do with it, but creative dressing could probably perk you up in class! Haha! 😉 Besides, Who ever said “School Wear” is for school only? What do you think?

  I’ll end this post with some pics from our mini celebration with my high school girl pals:



If you have been following my blog, you’d notice that my lovely pal is now a bride to be after playing a mini game during our other pal’s bridal shower!


My Korean friend who came back from Seoul…. who’s super fluent in Cebuano… So don’t be fooled! 😛

DSC02862‘Till next get together guys! 😉


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