Teaching, My Reward

“We become teachers because at our core, we believe all people are entitled to a productive, fulfilling life. Teaching is a chance to do something professionally meaningful and personally rewarding to make this a reality.” – Elizabeth C. Manvell (Teaching Is A Privilege)-

I thank God for giving me the privilege to teach preschool kids on Sundays. It’s been an amazing 12 years so far! This sounds like I’m leaving the ministry but don’t worry I’m not! 😉

Teaching is never a piece of cake. You have to knock your brains off just to come up with a lesson that would blow the little ones away! Since our group is handling preschoolers, we have to think like them as well. Telling stories using simple sentences is as difficult as memorizing the National Anthem backwards! These kids have a short attention span so if you are able to keep them entertained even for 10 minutes straight, you are definitely my idol!

There were some bumps, turns, and unavoidable circumstances throughout my teaching that led me to think about quitting. However, when I start seeing the kids listen to our stories, talk to us, pray from their hearts, or simply thank us for being their teacher, I forget all these negative thinking. I then beam with pride and remember that material things can never replace these moments!

Speaking of those moments, we recently celebrated Valentine’s Day. Everyone was probably full of love or busy spreading love in whatever form they could. That week, one of my previous students who is now in elementary, gave most of us, teachers, sweet treats with a sweet note simply thanking us for being his mentors in Christ.


This totally made my Valentine’s celebration complete! I believe this goes for my co-teachers who received his sweet and thoughtful gift!

Our Sunday School group usually celebrates our late Christmas party… make that “Super” late Christmas party after December. We celebrated it this month as a form of appreciation to all teachers from different levels for our hard work bringing up kids to the Lord! Before I go there, let me quickly tell you about what I wore:


Since we were headed to the famous “Lantaw” Floating Restaurant, I went for light  and breezy pieces. If you have been following my blog, you would notice that this dress is the matching piece to the belt turned bandanna in my previous post, https://jellybites.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/hippie-sunday/! Ah, the beauty of resourcefulness… Hehe!


Dress:Lavicci, Beads:Claire’s, Fedora:NIMA, Earrings:Gift, Ring:Greenhills, Bag:Black Sheep,Flats:Payless,Shades:Terranova,Belt:Kashieca



Now enough of my vain self, and on to the celebration!










We exchanged gifts after our lunch. The challenge was to make your gift as creative as possible within the budget of P30.00. Nothing above that!


This is what I gave my “manita”.. I personalized this simple memo pad with an owl and a verse from Proverbs because I believe she has the gift of wisdom! As for what I received…..


IMG_0035BOOM! This is probably one of the most creative gifts I’ve received so far!  She truly knows me…. *sniffles* When I brought this home, my mother and grandmother ,both pianists themselves, quickly thought of how to display it! Haha! 😀


She even made this Cow Sun Visor for me… Technically, this is one of her crafts in Toddler Class… I just got to share in the blessing! Haha!!! For those who are stuck in a rut with craft ideas, creativity is just a call away. Quick, get her number! 😉


My violinist/fashionista friend who switched fashion plates with me… She teaches preschool too… 😉 She’s also responsible for the better quality of most of these photos because she and her sister gave me an early Birthday present! Thanks so much!

You must be thinking that it must be swell to be a Sunday School teacher because we get all these parties and benefits. Well, it’s more than that. First of all, the goal is not to get the benefit for ourselves, but the benefit of the students we teach…. Seeing them grow in the Lord is enough than these gifts we receive! Plus, some of our students are even teaching Sunday School already! Men,I feel so old… I don’t want to admit it… Hehe… 😉

Anyways, here’s a picture of what our Preschool class looks like:



Aren’t they so well behaved? 😉


In conclusion and as an encouragement to my fellow Sunday School teachers, let us not give up on our esteemed task. That is to lead the little ones to Jesus in a way that they can understand. So that one day when they grow up, the things we teach them, by God’s leading and wisdom, will stick like glue into their hearts and minds that they will bring it with them until the end!! Let us teach not because we have to but because we love to. Let teaching itself become one of life’s greatest rewards! Press on!


(Photo cred goes to my pal’s awesome cam phone!…. Because I just have to have a vain moment! LOL!)

To More Outings…Next Year!!! 😉


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