We are nearing the holy week, as we always celebrate it every year here in the Philippines,  and everyone’s probably excited to soak up some sun and just simply relax!  Well, as we are enjoying our holidays, let us not forget the reason why there is such a celebration. Being a Christian, I believe it is a reminder to all of us of how Jesus died and suffered for us and then resurrected to show his power over sin! No one has come out alive after death except for Jesus and Lazarus! You can look that up in the Bible! 😉

During our preschool class, I wanted our kids to get the idea of what Jesus has done through our crafts…. I find that anything to do with Easter Eggs is so mainstream! Haha… Who could blame me? I researched on something else and came up with butterflies instead. We all know that when the caterpillar goes to the next stage wherein it becomes a cocoon, it’s a symbolism of death… Later, out emerges a beautiful butterfly! It simply explains what Jesus has done for us… Through, Jesus’ death, He has given us something beautiful. That is the gift of eternal life! It’s free and it’s for everyone! Have you received this gift today?

Now, on to the pretty craft:


Prepare materials such as : Cardboard (Cut into a butterfly shape), Crepe paper, Glue, Scissors, and Yarn.


Place your “Butterfly-Cut” Cardboard in a flat surface


In our case, we were discussing about the Ressurection of Jesus, so we put up this statement “Jesus Is Alive!”…. Don’t forget to write your name!


With a piece of Yarn, Loop it in such a way that both ends meet at the head area. Tape it on top of the statement. This process could also be done last.


Flip your butterfly to the other side, dab on some glue on all areas and start pasting crumpled pieces of crepe paper. The more colorful, the better!


To make it look more cute, I added two googly eyes!


You are getting very sleepy….. You will be addicted to my cuteness!!!


Wait for the glue to dry and Voila! You’ve got a cute hanging butterfly!

My sister said this looked like a magnified amoeba with eyes… *Sigh* The world needs a whole lot of supportive family members!

I believe the kids had fun! One of them drew “Spider-Man” at the back of his butterfly. While most preferred to place in more of their favorite color into the cardboard! I hope they got the message crystal clear though. I hope they understand the reality of Jesus into their lives not just through these crafts but throughout their Sunday School life!  We were dead in our sins, but Jesus has saved us and brought us back to life through His salvation!  I hope you come to know who Jesus is as well through my blogs and see how He could change your life as He did, mine!

Have a blessed Holy Week Guys! 😉


Pocahontas In The City

IMG_0400Here’s a breezy outfit to begin the summer days with…Say Hello to Pocahontas-City Version… Okay, I know it’s a lame alternative to Tribal wear… but who could blame me right? 😉



TOP:Taiwan|Bandage Skirt:Oxygen|Necklaces:F21 and Gifts|Earrings:Gift|Rings:Greenhills and Gorgeous|Bag:Greenhills|Wedges:Comfit


If only I looked good in mocassins, I’d be a Chinese version of Pocahontas already! Here I go again with my assuming ways… But I know one thing that’s missing… greenery and flowy long hair…. Haha.. Sadly, I don’t think I’m ever going to go back to my long hair…(Yes, I had long hair before!)… Truth be told, I’m just lazy to comb my hair and impractical for the heat wave these months! 😉



How I wish this were a real tiny “ring”watch… I think it would be adorable!


Twitter on My Ears! Haha….


When wearing solid colors or plains, always “Excessorize”!


I’ve got the black version of these wedges as well… As I always say, want happy and comfy footwear? Go to Comfit, located at JCentre Mall! 😉


The star of the outfit, the digital tribal satchel! I love how it could brighten up any outfit… What do you think?



Summer wear need not be elaborate. The lazy bug just bit me and I muted down my flashy clothes and traded them for earthy accessories instead!  What do you think? Enjoy your Summer guys.. .and  Wingapo! 😉


Looking for an affordable and homey place where you and your pals could hang out? You could find that in CMYK Dessert House, near Waterfront Hotel, Lahug.



Last Month, my church pals and I went for some late dinner to discuss events for our church. Of course, we couldn’t function on empty stomachs. So we opted for this quaint place and we didn’t regret it!

We were actually discussing what CMYK stood for, I thought it stood for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. However, it actually meant Chocolates Make You Kiss. While, my other friends renamed it as Cameras make you “Kingkoy” (goofy in Cebuano term.)

Here are a set of pictures of what transpired that night:


They can’t wait to gorge into their yummy drinks!



Burger Rice…. Belly Satisfied!!!


Nevermind my posing for the camera, I’ d rather focus on this beautiful smoothie!



I definitely know where to get my cheap Spicy Ramen fix! This is definitely my favorite!


Being the green tea addict that I am, I had it served cold and iced! No regrets! 😉


Some of my friends were friends with the owner so we got a free chocolate cake as a reward! (Lesson: When eating out, always bring your friends who are friends of the owner of a certain restaurant!)  😉



This is what happens when you just can’t get enough of that sugar rush!


I’d say it was a fun and fruitful night. Not only did we discuss important matters, but we learned a little something about one another… (That we are all BIG eaters! Haha!)


‘Till next pig out guys!

Pugs N’ Roses


The “Rock” Star in me strikes again with this adorable tee shirt and jeans combo. I’d say this whole getup is my “zone” where Rocker Chick is all there is!  Plus, my love for dogs speaks up with these pugs. Aren’t they adorable?


Take a look at “Slash”(pug version)… If you’re familiar with the band, Guns N’ Roses, you’d get what I mean….

Oh,to bring back old school rock!…. Some songs these days don’t make sense anymore…. *sighs… What’s your say on the music generation of today?


Shirt:David & Goliath|Jeans:Cotton On|Rings:Greenhills/Gorgeous|Shades:Ray-Ban (Fake)|Sneakers:Converse|Earrings and Bracelets:Gift|Mocha:Mogu(Taiwan)






These dream-catcher earrings were a birthday gift from my Church Youth Group. Thanks so much guys! You  truly know me and you guys Rock!


I love the digital feathered pattern on these awesome red jeans from Cotton On…. It can go from rugged to casual/formal!


I honestly don’t know what bag to bring with this outfit, so I went for one of my sleeping buddies, Mocha! He’s a pug too!


Mocha rocks these shades more than I do!


My mother will never understand my penchant for sneakers. But I’ll never ever get bored of them! They are comfort and style mixed up together… Hurrah for classic white Chucks!

Now, I’m not exactly an avid fan of Guns N’ Roses, but I do appreciate their passion for music. Some of their songs have been revived. I like David Garret’s Rendition of their song, November Rain… (Oh well,  what else is new? Violinists love violin inspired music!) This post goes out to my cousin who was a fan of Guns N’ Roses before! 😉



How about you? Who/What is your favorite Rock Band?


Hurrah! Another foodie blog post…. Now don’t get confused but the title is for 3 new restos I’ve tasted from Manila last month and they’re top gun for me! Check them out!

LUGANG CAFE, Mall Of Asia: (2-8-13)

Being the foodie that I am, when I heard that this Chinese resto serves “Shao-Long Pao” (dumplings with meat and soup inside). I was super happy when we were brought there by my aunt… It didn’t dissapoint me at all!

DSC02772Nothing compares to “Din-Tai-Fung” ‘s original Shao-Long Pao, but beggars can’t be choosers when you’re hungry as hell!


Oyster! YUM!!!!


I’m sorry I truly forgot the name of these veggies, but it’s certainly not kangkong! Still delish!


Fried Tofu with their amazing sauce, totally addicting!


For an alternative dessert, we went for hot taro soup and it was really good!!!

VIKING’S (2-8-13)


For my Aunt’s birthday, we celebrated a sumptuous dinner at Viking’s. A resto with a wide range of food from all parts of the world, eat all you can! Goodbye Diet!


Akin to the resto’s name itself, I ate like a viking (in a less barbaric way)… Haha! Salad with different caviars…


Lamb with mint jelly and Satay


I was having the time of my life with this Maki Party! I couldn’t decide which was the best tasting of all of them!


Truffle Soup!


To avoid getting bloated I decided to get a healthy drink in this form of Papaya and Ginger Shake… Not a bad combination for me… Dare to try it?

CIBO, Greenhills (2-9-13)

Whenever I go to Manila, I always make it a point to visit my good pals. Since it was nearing my birthday and Valentines, we decided to celebrate it in this fancy Italian Resto…. All their dishes were in Italian… So I totally forgot the exact words to describe the food… We’ll have to go with English then ei?


Appetizer: Bread with Mushroom Sauce (Heavenly for me!)


Bread with Eggyolk inside and a dash of truffle mushroom and cheese! Nom!


Would you look at that, they purposely had heart shaped breads made in time for Valentines! How sweet! This was the Vegetarian Penne Pasta we ordered.


and the Seafood Penne… I’m sorry I forgot the Italian term for the “Bigger” Tubes… Help me out here!

Yes, it was a carbohydrate party for the 3 of us and we decided to drown it out with Happy Lemon:



Thanks for the gifts guys!


I would like to thank my Aunt for the food treats and my friends for the gifts! It was a great weekend getaway indeed! My stomach is practically about to explode and my fats are starting to wreak havoc into my system! o.0  Have to work out STAT!

“Till next foodie blog!!! 😉

Like A Sir

If you are a frequent 9gagger like I am, you’d understand the blog title.


This cute  picture has been immortalized by my sister’s talented friend! She’s truly talented. When my cousins saw these, they thought it was just printed…. By the way guys, this is hand painted… So it’s totally rad! Visit her site for more awesome personalized stuff: https://www.facebook.com/theeuphoriashop


Voila! Isn’t it awesome? My sister decided to have a top personalized just for me as a birthday gift. I’m drowning in sweets by now! 😉 Thanks sis!


Top: Euphoria (check the link I’ve placed above) | Vest and Blue Tank: Old | Camo Jeans: Cotton On | Neon Bag: F21 | Wedges: Azalea | Shades: Burberry (Fake) | Studded Cuff: Planet Exchange | Ring: JellyBean | Hoops: Accessorize | Watch: Gorgeous




I’ve been searching for the perfect Camo Jeans for such a long time! Thank God I found these at Cotton On! When are you going to open in Cebu???? Anyways, pairing all these pieces make me feel just “Like A Sir”…. My coteachers in Sunday School tease me that I am the commander in chief with our kids…. C’mon now guys, I’m not some mean “Miss Minchin!”. I’m just a self-confessed badass! LOL!



Bubblegum Pink Lips for a change from Etude House, J Centre Mall! 😉


Instead of the usual black and white Zebra, I went for this Coral and Mint Green fusion. (Drunk Zebra! 😛 )


I went for blue toenails to add some “Summer” Look in these hot months to come! Oh yea!


I’ve always been a fan of military “chic” wear! What do you think?


Oh, and true to life form with my personalized tank, here’s my “Vain” Boston Terrier, Yoda…. He knows how to pose for the camera! Isn’t he a cutie?


Don’t look at my master… Look at Me!!!!

IMG_0263 IMG_0262

IMG_0272 IMG_0278

Of Course, I’d have to include my old pal, Pebbles. He’s a lot more camera shy than Yoda, but he never fails to melt my heart the same way!


Cheers to Camoflauge prints, doggies, and tough chick looks! ‘Till next blog! 😉

You’ve Changed!

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the backlog. This busy girl has so much things to do. Though I love blogging, there are other priorities in life that I just can’t ignore. *sighs*

Anyways, here’s a thought:

Change is a universal and inevitable fact of life. Whether we like it or not, change happens.  The only difference is whether it is on a positive or negative aspect. After the start of 2013, has there been any positive change that occurred in your life lately? I hope so.

There has been a lot of changes in my life so far….

1.) I could say I’ve become “somewhat”  mature in my decisions.

2.) I’ve become a bit more outgoing than I usually am. (I’m mostly a homebody FYI.)

3.) I’ve learned to be more warm and friendly. I’ve learned the art of smiling.

4.) I’ve learned to respect and be more understanding towards different people simply because we are all unique in our own ways.

5.) I’ve become a bit more consistent with blogging (like so…) because whenever I started blogging a few years back, I just can’t seem to be motivated to continue. Hurrah for me and for those who actually read my blog! Thanks!

6.) We add a number to our year on our birthdays! 😉

However, there are still things that NEVER change:

1.) Jesus loves you and me. That will never change no matter who you are and what you’ve done! Isn’t He awesome?

2.) My passion for teaching. Pardon if I sound like a gong for this statement but I can’t help it. It’s one of my life’s passions.

3.) My love for music and playing my instruments. This is self explanatory.

4.) My fetish for cows since I was in the 4th grade.


Thus, the seemingly title of my post. Illustrated by my talented sister, and improved by her equally talented friend, This has become one of my favorite shirts to date. Visit my sister’s friend’s Facebook page for personalized stuff! https://www.facebook.com/theeuphoriashop


Here is my shrine of adorable bovines in all shapes and sizes. Pencils, towels, picture frames, stuffed toys, and slippers… It’s all here and no, these are not for sale! I’d like to thank family and friends who showered me with these stuff on birthdays and Christmas! 🙂 However, I’d like to request that it’s got to stop for now.. Reason? I have no place to put these things anymore! Haha!!! Thanks so much again!

A few days ago,God has blessed me with another year in life. Despite the bumps and hurdles that life could bring, I’m thankful that He has been with me through it all! Plus, it could never replace the happy moments in my life. As we know, we’ve got all bad habits that need to be thrown out and we can’t change without God’s help! But I’m truly thankful that He never quits on me!

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever.” – Psalms 136:1-

So, is His unchanging love continually changing the person we are from the inside and out? Have a blessed week ahead!!!