Hurrah! Another foodie blog post…. Now don’t get confused but the title is for 3 new restos I’ve tasted from Manila last month and they’re top gun for me! Check them out!

LUGANG CAFE, Mall Of Asia: (2-8-13)

Being the foodie that I am, when I heard that this Chinese resto serves “Shao-Long Pao” (dumplings with meat and soup inside). I was super happy when we were brought there by my aunt… It didn’t dissapoint me at all!

DSC02772Nothing compares to “Din-Tai-Fung” ‘s original Shao-Long Pao, but beggars can’t be choosers when you’re hungry as hell!


Oyster! YUM!!!!


I’m sorry I truly forgot the name of these veggies, but it’s certainly not kangkong! Still delish!


Fried Tofu with their amazing sauce, totally addicting!


For an alternative dessert, we went for hot taro soup and it was really good!!!

VIKING’S (2-8-13)


For my Aunt’s birthday, we celebrated a sumptuous dinner at Viking’s. A resto with a wide range of food from all parts of the world, eat all you can! Goodbye Diet!


Akin to the resto’s name itself, I ate like a viking (in a less barbaric way)… Haha! Salad with different caviars…


Lamb with mint jelly and Satay


I was having the time of my life with this Maki Party! I couldn’t decide which was the best tasting of all of them!


Truffle Soup!


To avoid getting bloated I decided to get a healthy drink in this form of Papaya and Ginger Shake… Not a bad combination for me… Dare to try it?

CIBO, Greenhills (2-9-13)

Whenever I go to Manila, I always make it a point to visit my good pals. Since it was nearing my birthday and Valentines, we decided to celebrate it in this fancy Italian Resto…. All their dishes were in Italian… So I totally forgot the exact words to describe the food… We’ll have to go with English then ei?


Appetizer: Bread with Mushroom Sauce (Heavenly for me!)


Bread with Eggyolk inside and a dash of truffle mushroom and cheese! Nom!


Would you look at that, they purposely had heart shaped breads made in time for Valentines! How sweet! This was the Vegetarian Penne Pasta we ordered.


and the Seafood Penne… I’m sorry I forgot the Italian term for the “Bigger” Tubes… Help me out here!

Yes, it was a carbohydrate party for the 3 of us and we decided to drown it out with Happy Lemon:



Thanks for the gifts guys!


I would like to thank my Aunt for the food treats and my friends for the gifts! It was a great weekend getaway indeed! My stomach is practically about to explode and my fats are starting to wreak havoc into my system! o.0  Have to work out STAT!

“Till next foodie blog!!! 😉


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