Pugs N’ Roses


The “Rock” Star in me strikes again with this adorable tee shirt and jeans combo. I’d say this whole getup is my “zone” where Rocker Chick is all there is!  Plus, my love for dogs speaks up with these pugs. Aren’t they adorable?


Take a look at “Slash”(pug version)… If you’re familiar with the band, Guns N’ Roses, you’d get what I mean….

Oh,to bring back old school rock!…. Some songs these days don’t make sense anymore…. *sighs… What’s your say on the music generation of today?


Shirt:David & Goliath|Jeans:Cotton On|Rings:Greenhills/Gorgeous|Shades:Ray-Ban (Fake)|Sneakers:Converse|Earrings and Bracelets:Gift|Mocha:Mogu(Taiwan)






These dream-catcher earrings were a birthday gift from my Church Youth Group. Thanks so much guys! You  truly know me and you guys Rock!


I love the digital feathered pattern on these awesome red jeans from Cotton On…. It can go from rugged to casual/formal!


I honestly don’t know what bag to bring with this outfit, so I went for one of my sleeping buddies, Mocha! He’s a pug too!


Mocha rocks these shades more than I do!


My mother will never understand my penchant for sneakers. But I’ll never ever get bored of them! They are comfort and style mixed up together… Hurrah for classic white Chucks!

Now, I’m not exactly an avid fan of Guns N’ Roses, but I do appreciate their passion for music. Some of their songs have been revived. I like David Garret’s Rendition of their song, November Rain… (Oh well,  what else is new? Violinists love violin inspired music!) This post goes out to my cousin who was a fan of Guns N’ Roses before! 😉



How about you? Who/What is your favorite Rock Band?


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