Pocahontas In The City

IMG_0400Here’s a breezy outfit to begin the summer days with…Say Hello to Pocahontas-City Version… Okay, I know it’s a lame alternative to Tribal wear… but who could blame me right? 😉



TOP:Taiwan|Bandage Skirt:Oxygen|Necklaces:F21 and Gifts|Earrings:Gift|Rings:Greenhills and Gorgeous|Bag:Greenhills|Wedges:Comfit


If only I looked good in mocassins, I’d be a Chinese version of Pocahontas already! Here I go again with my assuming ways… But I know one thing that’s missing… greenery and flowy long hair…. Haha.. Sadly, I don’t think I’m ever going to go back to my long hair…(Yes, I had long hair before!)… Truth be told, I’m just lazy to comb my hair and impractical for the heat wave these months! 😉



How I wish this were a real tiny “ring”watch… I think it would be adorable!


Twitter on My Ears! Haha….


When wearing solid colors or plains, always “Excessorize”!


I’ve got the black version of these wedges as well… As I always say, want happy and comfy footwear? Go to Comfit, located at JCentre Mall! 😉


The star of the outfit, the digital tribal satchel! I love how it could brighten up any outfit… What do you think?



Summer wear need not be elaborate. The lazy bug just bit me and I muted down my flashy clothes and traded them for earthy accessories instead!  What do you think? Enjoy your Summer guys.. .and  Wingapo! 😉


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