We are nearing the holy week, as we always celebrate it every year here in the Philippines,  and everyone’s probably excited to soak up some sun and just simply relax!  Well, as we are enjoying our holidays, let us not forget the reason why there is such a celebration. Being a Christian, I believe it is a reminder to all of us of how Jesus died and suffered for us and then resurrected to show his power over sin! No one has come out alive after death except for Jesus and Lazarus! You can look that up in the Bible! 😉

During our preschool class, I wanted our kids to get the idea of what Jesus has done through our crafts…. I find that anything to do with Easter Eggs is so mainstream! Haha… Who could blame me? I researched on something else and came up with butterflies instead. We all know that when the caterpillar goes to the next stage wherein it becomes a cocoon, it’s a symbolism of death… Later, out emerges a beautiful butterfly! It simply explains what Jesus has done for us… Through, Jesus’ death, He has given us something beautiful. That is the gift of eternal life! It’s free and it’s for everyone! Have you received this gift today?

Now, on to the pretty craft:


Prepare materials such as : Cardboard (Cut into a butterfly shape), Crepe paper, Glue, Scissors, and Yarn.


Place your “Butterfly-Cut” Cardboard in a flat surface


In our case, we were discussing about the Ressurection of Jesus, so we put up this statement “Jesus Is Alive!”…. Don’t forget to write your name!


With a piece of Yarn, Loop it in such a way that both ends meet at the head area. Tape it on top of the statement. This process could also be done last.


Flip your butterfly to the other side, dab on some glue on all areas and start pasting crumpled pieces of crepe paper. The more colorful, the better!


To make it look more cute, I added two googly eyes!


You are getting very sleepy….. You will be addicted to my cuteness!!!


Wait for the glue to dry and Voila! You’ve got a cute hanging butterfly!

My sister said this looked like a magnified amoeba with eyes… *Sigh* The world needs a whole lot of supportive family members!

I believe the kids had fun! One of them drew “Spider-Man” at the back of his butterfly. While most preferred to place in more of their favorite color into the cardboard! I hope they got the message crystal clear though. I hope they understand the reality of Jesus into their lives not just through these crafts but throughout their Sunday School life!  We were dead in our sins, but Jesus has saved us and brought us back to life through His salvation!  I hope you come to know who Jesus is as well through my blogs and see how He could change your life as He did, mine!

Have a blessed Holy Week Guys! 😉


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