I was going through my facebook notes and I just felt the need to reblog this as a reminder to all who believe in Jesus about His worth!

(This was when Typhoon Ondoy came to town)

Oct. 12, 2009

So we went off to Manila to renew our passport last month. I had to sacrifice some schoolwork just for this. It was bad timing too that Ondoy struck the place on Saturday. By God’s grace, we weren’t affected so we were just strolling around, shopping, and food tripping. Then we went to CCF that Sunday night to attend the meeting. Before the service began, dad came up with some bad news that the US Embassy was going to be closed due to the disaster. I was irked. We just came here for vacation? All that schoolwork sacrificed just for this? I was fuming! Then, the service started. The topic was about How much is Jesus worth to you?…. From that alone, I knew this was from God. Men, He really knows perfect timing!

The speakers were talking about how Judas and Mary Magdalene were very different. Judas, although a follower of Jesus, probably didn’t see Jesus worth his life, so he traded Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. He had put a price tag on the Savior. Mary broke a bottle of nard, a year’s wages in front of Jesus and poured it at His feet. Now, I understand why the disciples complained about such a waste of money. They didn’t exactly know what they were talking or what they were thinking. I realized the “Chinese stinginess” in me. Indeed, she sacrificed everything, even if it means that she won’t be having money for that year. She believed that Jesus was more than a year’s wages. Wow! That takes a lot of faith, love, and trust. Then what really hit me was when the speaker shared about a sister who texted him amidst the storm and disaster. She narrated that she was now with her family on top of her roof, starving, all belongings lost, and basically, her life was about to start from scratch again. However, her text ended with, “God be glorified.”

I couldn’t hold back the tears. How selfish can I get? How mundane are my complaints? Here I am, relaxing, filling up my piggish belly with good food, shopping for things I probably could give out anyway in a couple of years, having a mini vacation with my family, and practically being safe from all harm. That is why I said amen when the speaker said that in more ways than one, we are like Judas. It may not be in the form of money. As for me, it is in the form of priorities in life. Yes, I dare say that I am the champion hypocrite of all time here…. If only people knew how devoted I am to the Lord when they are not looking.

That is why even in this short trip, even if I wasn’t able to get the renewed VISA. I still thank God for opening my eyes to see the wickedness and futility that I still have. I truly need a Saviour. I truly need to have my mind wired to who God truly is in my life. How much worth is Jesus in my life? Is he worth only 30 pieces of silver? Or is he worth my flesh and blood?

I pray that He continues to change me to love HIM with all my heart, up to the very last breath because even HE sacrificed his life for me and who am I that he saw worth saving? Sometimes it boggles the mind up to now. I realize what an amazing GOD is… He cares for puny, sinful, faithless, evil, filthy, mindless, heartless, selfish, proud, boastful, lustful, hypocritical people like us…… What a GOD…. Indeed, HE is worth everything!

—————————————————Have a Blessed week!——————————-



I miss every bit of Taiwan and all its’ splendor…. most especially for their food! That’s why I was glad when my pals and I were able to bump into Ersao, a newly opened restaurant in J Centre, Mandaue. The food and atmosphere definitely reminded me about Taiwan!


Kuchai Dumplings anyone? 😉


Of course, no Taiwan meal would be complete without “Milk Tea!” We were uber happy because that time they were having a Buy 1 Take 1 promo for milk teas because the mall was having a sale. So they decided to join in! Awesome! 😉




My friend was so hungry that she gobbled up all of these… Nah.. I’m just kidding! 😉


If you’re more of a rice person, you could go for their pork or chicken meals!


IMG_0525Since I was craving for some noodles, I went for their Wanton Noodles. It did not dissapoint! Plus, it was paired with their signature Wintermelon Tea, My stomach was overjoyed!


Go ahead… Drool!


I was glad that I was able to get even a whiff of Taiwan for that moment… even if it’s just for a while. Maybe if I start missing Taiwan again, I’d just drop by this hip resto to remember it all over again. I know, I sound so melodramatic. ;)Haha!

To More Pig-outs! 😉


I’ve never seen the movie…. But here’s how I’d immortalize my outfit if I lived in that era:


Dress:Gift| Fringed Vest: The Ramp|Watch:Gorgeous|Heels:Itabella|Necklace and Earrings:Gifts|SackBag:Gift



The great thing about printed dresses is that you need not “Excessorize!” Hurrah for lazy dressers like moi!

And….I just love how the vest gives off a “Cowboy” vibe, don’t you think?



These awesome accessories completed my outfit… Thanks to my creative friend who’s walking down the aisle soon! Congratulations in advance and I’m happy for you! 😉


I believe it’s time to get “culturized” (if there’s such a term) and I have to watch that old classic! Who’s with me? 😉


Wow, I feel like it’s ages since I’ve updated this blog! I’m sorry for the backlog because as always, after the holidays, I’m being bombarded with loads of work! Boo!…. Anyways, I hope this post makes up for the hiatus… 😉


As the title suggests, it’s another earthy tribal outfit that I love to put together…. Something about tribal or breezy clothing always puts me in the “Summer” mood all the time!  Ain’t it apt for this scorching season?



Fringed Top: Greenhills | Orange Top: Promod | Shades: Terranova | Jeans: Cotton On | Native Mailbag:F21 | Wedges: Staccato | Earrings: Gift | Ring: Gifts,Greenhills and Apostrophe




When I put these rings on, I felt like there should be some creepy rabbit character added to the Pacman game! Haha!!! Men, I miss the old games… Where are they now?


Colorful shades never make you blue!


I’d like to thank my church mate for the vintage moon earrings! It perfectly matches the outfit!



The prints from my wedges and pants totally complement one another, don’t you think? 😉


Cotton On’s designer is a genius on putting up these printed pants with intricate details…. Plus, they fit me so well!  Score!


If you recall my previous blog, (, I was in a skirt…. Well, this version is more rugged and outdoorsy…. I’d picture Pocahontas herself walking the streets of  “The Big Apple” itself looking for some adventure!  😉


What do you think? 😉