100 fidd 11

(Photos for this blog are from CPO facebook page, Andrian Sevilla and supportive friends who were really kind to take great photos! Thanks!)

Last May 19, 2013, A grand recital composed of 100 fiddlers (violinists to be specific) was held  at SM City Cebu, Northwing. This was spearheaded by talented professionals of Cebu Philharmonic Orchestra as stated in the article above from Sunstar! 🙂

The program started with  classical and contemporary songs rendered by different students from their respective studios. Later on, all students joined in to play classical pieces from Suzuki’s Volume I and II books. It was quite an experience for me since it’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed these pieces such as The Witches’ Dance, Two Grenadiers, and Bourree. We ended the concert with the most basic piece, Twinkle Little Star and Its’ variations proving that we should never forget the basics! I guess it’s a humbling moment for me then, also for the more advanced players in this group! 🙂

The ever supportive Doctor Ingrid Santamaria was there to witness the whole event. She also gave opening and closing remarks, pointing out, once again that Music moves the hearts of men. I guess it did, because just look at the crowd!

100 fidd 5Will you look at that? Who needs mikes with a 100 and more fiddlers playing beautiful music? 🙂

100 fidd 7

100 fidd 3

Not only Stringed instruments were involved but winds as well!

100 fidd 9

Serious mode!
100 fidd 2

100 fidd 4

100 fidd 12

100 fidd 8Of course, these events wouldn’t be as much fun without my ever supportive group of family, friends, and music lovers alike! Thanks so much guys and hope to see you in other concerts/recitals!

100 fidd 10There is talk that another grand recital like this would happen soon! Who knows? We’d probably reach more than 300.. That would totally be a blast!

‘Till next post! 😉


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