I never fully understood that song…. I heard Frank Sinatra’s version of this and honestly, it made me sleepy. I guess the song theme was quite dreery as well. Shouldn’t clowns be boisterous and make you laugh? Well, I usually get mixed reports because some kids are afraid of clowns. With this outfit, I decided to play the part…. Though, I hope there’s nothing funny nor scary about the getup!


Top:WAGW|Skirt:Human|Pumps:Payless|Collar:Metro Ayala|Earrings: Gift|Bag:Gift|Headband:Gorgeous


Tired of drab office wear? Funky Polka Dots is your answer! Just pair it with a bandage skirt and a classy pair of pumps, you’re good to go!


My grandma gave this awesome black beaded collar which went perfectly with the top! Thanks Guama!


Every girl must have a classy pair of black pumps!


These pair of Kawaii earrings were given to me by my church mates! Thanks so much… Does it look like me? Haha!


I decided not to pile on to much accessories because I want the attention to be on the colorful top!


You don’t need clowns to make fun of themselves and make you happy… I’ve learned that true joy comes from knowing Jesus, my Savior…. No material thing… No clown could ever surpass what He could actually give! So when you’re down in the dumps… (Don’t sing Send In The Clowns!) look up to Him! He’s just a prayer away and you’ll realize He’s the answer to everything!


‘Till next post! 😉


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