Pray For The Philippines

Trust me, this is going to be a quick post.

philippine flag

A lot of things happened this year to our dear country. I’m muddled to admit that I remember the bad stuff more than the good ones. Take Typhoon Maring, the Napoles scandal, the collision of 2 ferry lines causing numerous death, elections, the change of BIR receipts, and so much more that you’d probably shut down the computer in disgust! (Being my good reader, you wouldn’t do that, would you?)

Our country has always been associated with corruption a lot of times.  In this mess, President Aquino and His team must have numerous “head-splitting” migraines made by past floundering officials! With these situations at hand, mere citizens like us can’t do anything but rally, rally, and rally! And for those who just can’t take it, do things they regret later on! These can’t solve much because we aren’t in authority to change the law for the good of the country.

The Philippines is known as a Christian country and every Filipino knows that when we are in chaos, we call on GOD who holds our country in His hands. He knows all the malice and the good that’s going on in every nook and cranny. It doesn’t hurt to call on Him who cares not just for our personal needs, but the needs of our country as well. There are a lot of people who do more evil than good. That’s probably because they have the wrong perception of HIM as a divine dictator when in fact, He is a merciful yet just God!

Repentance is key, and not just through our lips, but through our actions!

I’m not knowledgeable about the whole political aspect of the republic of the Philippines and all its operations.  What I do know is that if we want to see change in our country, it starts with prayer!  I hope we take time (me included) to pray for peace and for a better economy and government operations! I’m sure God would answer in His time!


Salut d’ Amour (Love’s Greetings) – Sounds of August

We recently had our recital this month and I was quite ecstatic when I was given this piece to play. Salut d’ Amour was composed by Edward Elgar and it means Love’s Greetings. I’ve heard this piece a number of times when I started learning to play the violin and I envisioned myself playing it someday. I had the opportunity to play such a romantic piece that it brought me to tears! Okay, enough drama!


I was once again accompanied by the awesome Dr. Ingrid Santamaria and I just found out that this piece was one of her favorite pieces! Talk about added pressure! Now, I’ve been playing for recitals for years since I was a kid, but I never understood the fact that my nerves would always get the best of me once I’m on stage. So when Dr. Ingrid congratulated me, I felt so dorky because I knew I didn’t play well as my rehearsals and practices. But then I remember like every other concert, recital, or presentation, the show must go on! The aim is not to be the Best of the rest but to always get better and better!


My mentor, Sir Rey Abellana, inspiring me and his students with his playing! 😉


Doctor Ingrid giving her inspirational speech


The obligatory photo op! I’m so sorry for the late post Doc!

I want to thank my family and friends for your never ending support from taking pictures to simply being there to listen!

To more recitals like these and  I hope I get to play better in the next!


The Yellow Blazer In Two Ways

I’ve always fancied people in blazers or tuxedos because I felt that the getup was so formal, like they’re untouchable and they mean business!

Though I’m already in the career age (sadly…), I don’t want to look too prissy and stuck up. So a yellow blazer would have to do and it could do wonders when it comes to mixing and matching!

For instance, in this post, I’ve worn it in 2 ways:


Blazer: Jellybean|Top:SM Surplus|Shorts:Jan2x|Sneakers:Steve Madden|Earrings:Mags|Necklace:Tickles


For a night out with friends, I paired it with a simple gray top and turquoise eyelet shorts. Pink accessories helped brighten up the outfit even more!




The whole getup is very comfy, playful, and game for anything! What do you think?


For my next getup, I decided to reuse the blazer and create a girly rock ensemble.


Dress:One Perfect|Specs:Maze|Necklace: For Me|Heels:Itabella




Florals aren’t necessarily girly to me! It’s all about the black accessories and attitude!!!




I hope you had fun with my take on the yellow blazer! There are still so many ways how you can dress this up or grunge it down! You don’t need to buy new stuff. Being stylish doesn’t require you to be extravagant! Be creative and scrounge around your closet. Maybe an old shirt paired with the right accessories would prove funky after all! 😉

‘Till next post!

J’adore Paris (I Love Paris)

 I’ve never been to Paris but I’ve always found their culture interesting. From the way they talk, dress, how they eat, and practically live their lives , it always involve some artistic flair! My close friend who’s celebrating her birthday this month practically loves the place and it shows by the way she dresses! So in honor of you, mon ami (my friend), this post is dedicated to you just because je t’aime  (I love you!) 😉 Yes, I purposely inserted french words… Who knows, these might be useful in the future if I ever get the chance to visit that place! *keeps fingers crossed*


What I noticed about Parisian girls is that they love to dress in a sophisticated way even it’s just in basic colors such as my black top and denim wide leg trousers. Now I know that these kind of pants are not in trend as of the moment but I don’t plan to throw these away either. Why? It’s a shorty’s best friend. All you have to do is pair it with heels, and you’ve grown taller just like that!;) My friend is tall but she also loves to wear these kind of jeans so I guess that means we are really meant to be friends for life!  *sheds a tear*


Top and Tank: HK|Jeans:Levi’s|Wedges:Azalea|Sling Bag:Coach|Earrings:Accessorize|Ring:Greenhills|Shades:Rayban


One thing I noticed about French women is that they don’t really pile up on accessories. They are quite simple when it comes to dressing up but I believe it’s the way they wear them and the confidence that they bring. I know we usually see them in Red and Blue Stripes but I decided to go with polka dots instead! 😉



Big shades to cover my chubby cheeks and red lips always spell chic at all costs! 😉


Don’t you love these cherry earrings? So cute!





Friend, I can picture you in this outfit walking the streets of Paris like a local! I think you’d definitely blend in with them…or in fact, stand out! 😉  I’m such a great flatterer that you’d probably take me with you in your next visit to the City of lights!  Then I can picture us stuffing ourselves with the infamous macarons, wine and cheese, and escargot!  I’m also a great kidder! Haha! :DI hope you enjoyed the post and the outfit as well! Joyeux Anniversaire (Happy BIrthday!) To more birthdays ahead and more kooky posts!

Au Revoir!!! (Good bye!) 😉

City Farm Girl

As confusing as the title is, I guess it explains the whole outfit I’m wearing, though I believe I can’t exactly wear this to a farm… But it will make you look like you came from the country side when you strut your stuff in the city! 😉


Polo: NAVA|Tank:Taiwan|Pants:Uniqlo|Wedges:Gibi|Messenger Tote:F21|Ring:Greenhills|Ribbon Earrings:CLN

This “Farm” girl meets “City” girl outfit is a staple to any closet because plaid polos are always in style no matter what season!


So I won’t look “Boyish” , I paired it with peach pants and a floral top underneath. My yellow strappy wedges finished the look. The colors complement each other, don’t you think?


The studded pocket detail made me purchase this polo right away! So me!!!


These quirky ribbon earrings may spice up a dressy outfit or give an everyday outfit character. I guess it did the latter on my outfit for the day!



I hope this outfit idea would keep you toasty and warm in the cold and rainy months ahead! Ciao!