J’adore Paris (I Love Paris)

 I’ve never been to Paris but I’ve always found their culture interesting. From the way they talk, dress, how they eat, and practically live their lives , it always involve some artistic flair! My close friend who’s celebrating her birthday this month practically loves the place and it shows by the way she dresses! So in honor of you, mon ami (my friend), this post is dedicated to you just because je t’aime  (I love you!) 😉 Yes, I purposely inserted french words… Who knows, these might be useful in the future if I ever get the chance to visit that place! *keeps fingers crossed*


What I noticed about Parisian girls is that they love to dress in a sophisticated way even it’s just in basic colors such as my black top and denim wide leg trousers. Now I know that these kind of pants are not in trend as of the moment but I don’t plan to throw these away either. Why? It’s a shorty’s best friend. All you have to do is pair it with heels, and you’ve grown taller just like that!;) My friend is tall but she also loves to wear these kind of jeans so I guess that means we are really meant to be friends for life!  *sheds a tear*


Top and Tank: HK|Jeans:Levi’s|Wedges:Azalea|Sling Bag:Coach|Earrings:Accessorize|Ring:Greenhills|Shades:Rayban


One thing I noticed about French women is that they don’t really pile up on accessories. They are quite simple when it comes to dressing up but I believe it’s the way they wear them and the confidence that they bring. I know we usually see them in Red and Blue Stripes but I decided to go with polka dots instead! 😉



Big shades to cover my chubby cheeks and red lips always spell chic at all costs! 😉


Don’t you love these cherry earrings? So cute!





Friend, I can picture you in this outfit walking the streets of Paris like a local! I think you’d definitely blend in with them…or in fact, stand out! 😉  I’m such a great flatterer that you’d probably take me with you in your next visit to the City of lights!  Then I can picture us stuffing ourselves with the infamous macarons, wine and cheese, and escargot!  I’m also a great kidder! Haha! :DI hope you enjoyed the post and the outfit as well! Joyeux Anniversaire (Happy BIrthday!) To more birthdays ahead and more kooky posts!

Au Revoir!!! (Good bye!) 😉


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