The Yellow Blazer In Two Ways

I’ve always fancied people in blazers or tuxedos because I felt that the getup was so formal, like they’re untouchable and they mean business!

Though I’m already in the career age (sadly…), I don’t want to look too prissy and stuck up. So a yellow blazer would have to do and it could do wonders when it comes to mixing and matching!

For instance, in this post, I’ve worn it in 2 ways:


Blazer: Jellybean|Top:SM Surplus|Shorts:Jan2x|Sneakers:Steve Madden|Earrings:Mags|Necklace:Tickles


For a night out with friends, I paired it with a simple gray top and turquoise eyelet shorts. Pink accessories helped brighten up the outfit even more!




The whole getup is very comfy, playful, and game for anything! What do you think?


For my next getup, I decided to reuse the blazer and create a girly rock ensemble.


Dress:One Perfect|Specs:Maze|Necklace: For Me|Heels:Itabella




Florals aren’t necessarily girly to me! It’s all about the black accessories and attitude!!!




I hope you had fun with my take on the yellow blazer! There are still so many ways how you can dress this up or grunge it down! You don’t need to buy new stuff. Being stylish doesn’t require you to be extravagant! Be creative and scrounge around your closet. Maybe an old shirt paired with the right accessories would prove funky after all! 😉

‘Till next post!


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