Salut d’ Amour (Love’s Greetings) – Sounds of August

We recently had our recital this month and I was quite ecstatic when I was given this piece to play. Salut d’ Amour was composed by Edward Elgar and it means Love’s Greetings. I’ve heard this piece a number of times when I started learning to play the violin and I envisioned myself playing it someday. I had the opportunity to play such a romantic piece that it brought me to tears! Okay, enough drama!


I was once again accompanied by the awesome Dr. Ingrid Santamaria and I just found out that this piece was one of her favorite pieces! Talk about added pressure! Now, I’ve been playing for recitals for years since I was a kid, but I never understood the fact that my nerves would always get the best of me once I’m on stage. So when Dr. Ingrid congratulated me, I felt so dorky because I knew I didn’t play well as my rehearsals and practices. But then I remember like every other concert, recital, or presentation, the show must go on! The aim is not to be the Best of the rest but to always get better and better!


My mentor, Sir Rey Abellana, inspiring me and his students with his playing! 😉


Doctor Ingrid giving her inspirational speech


The obligatory photo op! I’m so sorry for the late post Doc!

I want to thank my family and friends for your never ending support from taking pictures to simply being there to listen!

To more recitals like these and  I hope I get to play better in the next!



2 thoughts on “Salut d’ Amour (Love’s Greetings) – Sounds of August

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