Feather Me This

I have this weird fascination with feathers when they were on trend for some time. Up to now, I still like to fuse them with my outfits.


In this case, I was inspired by the Safari. Making it look more urban, denim wins this round!  Imagine me going out to the deserts looking for animals and reporting about them live Ala National Geographic. People would think I’m sick! Indiana Jones would probably shake his head in surfeit.


Lately, I like wearing plains so that my accessories would stand out.  One tip in buying clothes is knowing that you’d use them for a long time. Denim tops are your best bet because they’ll never go out of style!


Denim Top: Cache Cache| Jeggings: The Flower Collection | Earrings: Promod |Hex Cuff: July|Earrings: Promod | Belt: Zara (GIft) | Rings: F21 |Bag: Nine West | Feather Printed Wedges:Comfit


I’ll never get tired of these quirky feathered earrings. They always spice up what other people would call a “blah” outfit!IMG_1151

 Look at the little menagerie on my fingers!  I love animals!


I love the bright and colorful feather print from this Comfit number! It’s so me! Want to get comfy and high quality shoes? Drop by the 2nd floor of J Centre Mall for great finds!


Since I was so bright and colorful, I went minimal on makeup and focused on the winged eyeliner effect instead. (The Rock Star In Me still Lives!) What do you think?IMG_1134

Don’t be afraid to take out your plains. Work it with accessories!  Likened to an artist’s paints to his canvass, so shall it be with your accessories to plain clothes!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

God bless you! 😉


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