Mish Mash Cookout

Born in a family of foodies and chefs, it’s always a blessing to enjoy delicious meals together whether it’s home-cooked or from a near restaurant.

So when my relatives thought of having a mini cookout for no reason at all, I would never say NO!

This happened a few months ago. So guys, please forgive me when I just posted this right now. (Don’t hurt me!!!)



Creativity sinks in, when they decided to make “Guacamole” Wantons. Guacamole is an avocado based Mexican sauce.This is usually paired with nachos when you are having a Mexican Cook-out but in our case, we decided to go Asian, Wanton wrappers were the choice!


Aren’t they gorgeous? I have to commend my relatives for plating these. They looked too good to eat!




I’m not a fan of pork but my cousin decided to add orange marmalade to his pork dish and I’d have to say it’s a great mix!


DIET? what Diet? Attack!!!!


Because we are “health-conscious”, we decided to add Vegetable Pasta to the menu.


Make sure to buy a good quality pasta to get that springy, awesome pasta taste! Drizzle some olive oil and some garlic chips and this pasta is good to go!


For dessert, they decided to go for Chocolate Float. Graham Crackers, Vanilla Ice Cream,….


And of Course, Oodles and Oodles of Chocolate Syrup!!!!!!


I like to act like a food critic at times and say there  are improvements needed. (Yes, there are improvements to be done with some of the dishes.) But, I have to applaud them for their hard work and cooperation to pull this off!

The Result? Happy and Satisfied Bellies!!!!


To more cookouts like this!!!!! This time, I hope I’ll be able to help out in the kitchen! 😉 Great job guys!


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