Be warned…. A swarm of Jelly bites could come your way from this one dangerous jellyfish!

Posts about God, Music, Fashion, Food, Books, and anything under the sun could cause serious laughing and pondering.

There is no known cure for this situation but only more posts!

So don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

Okay, seriously, you’d probably wonder why this blog is entitled jellybites. First of all, Jelly is my nickname and I bite….. in a figure of speech kind of way of course. 😉

In the real world, Jellyfish are one of the mysterious animals on the planet.  It looks so graceful and beautiful when seen on Nat Geo or in big aquariums but one measly sting or bite could make you die!

In some way, this blog aims for that purpose…. not that you’re going to die!  The goal is to cause a great  positive impact that one couldn’t help but ponder about life in general!

I believe words are deadlier than weapons so in this case, it doesn’t hurt to get bitten once in a while…


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