The Yellow Blazer In Two Ways

I’ve always fancied people in blazers or tuxedos because I felt that the getup was so formal, like they’re untouchable and they mean business!

Though I’m already in the career age (sadly…), I don’t want to look too prissy and stuck up. So a yellow blazer would have to do and it could do wonders when it comes to mixing and matching!

For instance, in this post, I’ve worn it in 2 ways:


Blazer: Jellybean|Top:SM Surplus|Shorts:Jan2x|Sneakers:Steve Madden|Earrings:Mags|Necklace:Tickles


For a night out with friends, I paired it with a simple gray top and turquoise eyelet shorts. Pink accessories helped brighten up the outfit even more!




The whole getup is very comfy, playful, and game for anything! What do you think?


For my next getup, I decided to reuse the blazer and create a girly rock ensemble.


Dress:One Perfect|Specs:Maze|Necklace: For Me|Heels:Itabella




Florals aren’t necessarily girly to me! It’s all about the black accessories and attitude!!!




I hope you had fun with my take on the yellow blazer! There are still so many ways how you can dress this up or grunge it down! You don’t need to buy new stuff. Being stylish doesn’t require you to be extravagant! Be creative and scrounge around your closet. Maybe an old shirt paired with the right accessories would prove funky after all! 😉

‘Till next post!


J’adore Paris (I Love Paris)

 I’ve never been to Paris but I’ve always found their culture interesting. From the way they talk, dress, how they eat, and practically live their lives , it always involve some artistic flair! My close friend who’s celebrating her birthday this month practically loves the place and it shows by the way she dresses! So in honor of you, mon ami (my friend), this post is dedicated to you just because je t’aime  (I love you!) 😉 Yes, I purposely inserted french words… Who knows, these might be useful in the future if I ever get the chance to visit that place! *keeps fingers crossed*


What I noticed about Parisian girls is that they love to dress in a sophisticated way even it’s just in basic colors such as my black top and denim wide leg trousers. Now I know that these kind of pants are not in trend as of the moment but I don’t plan to throw these away either. Why? It’s a shorty’s best friend. All you have to do is pair it with heels, and you’ve grown taller just like that!;) My friend is tall but she also loves to wear these kind of jeans so I guess that means we are really meant to be friends for life!  *sheds a tear*


Top and Tank: HK|Jeans:Levi’s|Wedges:Azalea|Sling Bag:Coach|Earrings:Accessorize|Ring:Greenhills|Shades:Rayban


One thing I noticed about French women is that they don’t really pile up on accessories. They are quite simple when it comes to dressing up but I believe it’s the way they wear them and the confidence that they bring. I know we usually see them in Red and Blue Stripes but I decided to go with polka dots instead! 😉



Big shades to cover my chubby cheeks and red lips always spell chic at all costs! 😉


Don’t you love these cherry earrings? So cute!





Friend, I can picture you in this outfit walking the streets of Paris like a local! I think you’d definitely blend in with them…or in fact, stand out! 😉  I’m such a great flatterer that you’d probably take me with you in your next visit to the City of lights!  Then I can picture us stuffing ourselves with the infamous macarons, wine and cheese, and escargot!  I’m also a great kidder! Haha! :DI hope you enjoyed the post and the outfit as well! Joyeux Anniversaire (Happy BIrthday!) To more birthdays ahead and more kooky posts!

Au Revoir!!! (Good bye!) 😉

City Farm Girl

As confusing as the title is, I guess it explains the whole outfit I’m wearing, though I believe I can’t exactly wear this to a farm… But it will make you look like you came from the country side when you strut your stuff in the city! 😉


Polo: NAVA|Tank:Taiwan|Pants:Uniqlo|Wedges:Gibi|Messenger Tote:F21|Ring:Greenhills|Ribbon Earrings:CLN

This “Farm” girl meets “City” girl outfit is a staple to any closet because plaid polos are always in style no matter what season!


So I won’t look “Boyish” , I paired it with peach pants and a floral top underneath. My yellow strappy wedges finished the look. The colors complement each other, don’t you think?


The studded pocket detail made me purchase this polo right away! So me!!!


These quirky ribbon earrings may spice up a dressy outfit or give an everyday outfit character. I guess it did the latter on my outfit for the day!



I hope this outfit idea would keep you toasty and warm in the cold and rainy months ahead! Ciao!

A Romantic Night with Dr. Ingrid Santamaria and Maestro Reynaldo Reyes

A few weeks ago, my grandmother and I had an opportunity to witness a romantic piano duet by none other than Dr. Ingrid Santamaria and her mentor, Maestro Reynaldo Reyes.

The event started with a little introduction on what was to take place. Dr. Ingrid Santamaria was to play the soloist part and Maestro Reyes would play the orchestral part. Their repertoire for the night were Franz Liszt’s Concerto No. 1 in Eb major and Peter Tschaicowsky’s Concerto in Bb minor, Op 23.

Throughout their playing, I was mesmerized at their skills.



There were no notes or copies for Dr. Ingrid because she has memorized the pieces by heart.


As for Maestro Reyes, he arrived with a wheelchair and crutches. But then, I forget his age when he starts pressing on those keys and flipping through his notes like a breath. Talk about “supersonic” sight reading skills, exaggeration intended!

Applauds and shouts of “Bravo!” were heard across the room after their masterful playing and they started answering questions right after the concert.


Dr. Ingrid and Maestro Reyes have been doing Romantic Piano Duet Concert Tours  spreading their love for classical music for so long all throughout Philippines. I was so glad to be attend such an event because concerts like these inspire me to improve in my craft. Some musician and non-musician friends tell me not to believe in the statement, “Age does not matter.”, when it comes to playing instruments. Well, I beg to differ! A wheelchair and crutches did not stop Maestro Reyes from playing on!

If God would allow me to live up to my 70s’ or 80s’… I hope I still play with vigor and passion just like Dr. Ingrid and Maestro Reyes!

To conclude, allow me to rephrase the statement, “Age does not matter.” to  “Age is not an excuse!”


To Dr. Ingrid and Maestro Reyes, I look forward to more of your inspiring concerts like these in the future! Bravo!



I never fully understood that song…. I heard Frank Sinatra’s version of this and honestly, it made me sleepy. I guess the song theme was quite dreery as well. Shouldn’t clowns be boisterous and make you laugh? Well, I usually get mixed reports because some kids are afraid of clowns. With this outfit, I decided to play the part…. Though, I hope there’s nothing funny nor scary about the getup!


Top:WAGW|Skirt:Human|Pumps:Payless|Collar:Metro Ayala|Earrings: Gift|Bag:Gift|Headband:Gorgeous


Tired of drab office wear? Funky Polka Dots is your answer! Just pair it with a bandage skirt and a classy pair of pumps, you’re good to go!


My grandma gave this awesome black beaded collar which went perfectly with the top! Thanks Guama!


Every girl must have a classy pair of black pumps!


These pair of Kawaii earrings were given to me by my church mates! Thanks so much… Does it look like me? Haha!


I decided not to pile on to much accessories because I want the attention to be on the colorful top!


You don’t need clowns to make fun of themselves and make you happy… I’ve learned that true joy comes from knowing Jesus, my Savior…. No material thing… No clown could ever surpass what He could actually give! So when you’re down in the dumps… (Don’t sing Send In The Clowns!) look up to Him! He’s just a prayer away and you’ll realize He’s the answer to everything!


‘Till next post! 😉


Have you noticed my blog posts usually start with apologies? Well, I truly apologize for the hiatus because I had to set some priorities… (work-related) before blogging. Because of that, here’s a blog post about what’s been going on lately:


“You’re making me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!” – Dr. Bruce Banner (before he turns into the Hulk)

There will be those days when you just want to pull your hair and scream. Bad days tend to drain our happiness meter out. Who knows, we could actually surpass Hulk’s temper?

All kidding aside, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve had my fits of rage for the past weeks that have gone by. That’s why I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog lately. No, I don’t turn green, rip off my clothes, and start pounding people to death (Though honestly, that’s what I feel like doing to people who piss me off!)  Patience is not my forte to put it bluntly. I’m that person who’s always in a hurry and when things don’t turn out the way it should, I get frustrated. I then think that if only I could handle that job/assignment, I could get things done faster.  However, we could never control those situations that bug us to the point we blow off. The results are always devastating and riddled with regret. Trust me, I’ve been there a lot of times and it’s hard to break the cycle!

Anger itself is not a sin. However, the Bible tells us, “In your anger, do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.” -Ephesians 4:26- When our anger is of the right kind yet we channel this emotions to do regretful things, I guess that’s when we sin. Remember Moses, in his anger, struck the rock even when God told him to speak to it (Numbers 20:8-12). His motives of anger were not wrong due to the Israelites’  disobedience. However, he himself disobeyed God due to his impulsiveness. Just because of that, He can’t see Canaan (The Promised Land for the Israelites) for himself.

 Jesus had his moments of what we call a “Holy Rage” (Matthew 21). He was irked when people were selling animals in the temple instead of worshiping God. He started turning tables and driving out these “businessmen” for treating his temple into a den of robbers. He then told the people, “It is written, My house will be called a house of prayer.”  Prayer…. That’s one thing God has been teaching me lately…. Instead of venting out my rage and anger, while I’m seething, I have to go “seeking” the ONE who could truly calm my soul. Indeed, learning patience is never a piece of cake! When I feel like blowing off, He has been teaching me to blow off all steam to Him. In the end, He gives me perfect peace through the storms I face everyday. I have not overcome this lesson yet, but I know He will bring me through!

The Hulk

Okay, word’s out! Hulk is one of my favorite heroes not because He’s a” mean-green-fighting-machine.” It’s because I can relate to his temper.  I raise my hands because I know only God can help me overcome what would be Hulk’s strength and weakness at the same time!

Having a bad day?  Look up and the ONE who got you through your situation will lead you through and out of it!

It doesn’t sound ecological but…. DON’T GO GREEN!

Have a blessed and peaceful week ahead guys!


100 fidd 11

(Photos for this blog are from CPO facebook page, Andrian Sevilla and supportive friends who were really kind to take great photos! Thanks!)

Last May 19, 2013, A grand recital composed of 100 fiddlers (violinists to be specific) was held  at SM City Cebu, Northwing. This was spearheaded by talented professionals of Cebu Philharmonic Orchestra as stated in the article above from Sunstar! 🙂

The program started with  classical and contemporary songs rendered by different students from their respective studios. Later on, all students joined in to play classical pieces from Suzuki’s Volume I and II books. It was quite an experience for me since it’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed these pieces such as The Witches’ Dance, Two Grenadiers, and Bourree. We ended the concert with the most basic piece, Twinkle Little Star and Its’ variations proving that we should never forget the basics! I guess it’s a humbling moment for me then, also for the more advanced players in this group! 🙂

The ever supportive Doctor Ingrid Santamaria was there to witness the whole event. She also gave opening and closing remarks, pointing out, once again that Music moves the hearts of men. I guess it did, because just look at the crowd!

100 fidd 5Will you look at that? Who needs mikes with a 100 and more fiddlers playing beautiful music? 🙂

100 fidd 7

100 fidd 3

Not only Stringed instruments were involved but winds as well!

100 fidd 9

Serious mode!
100 fidd 2

100 fidd 4

100 fidd 12

100 fidd 8Of course, these events wouldn’t be as much fun without my ever supportive group of family, friends, and music lovers alike! Thanks so much guys and hope to see you in other concerts/recitals!

100 fidd 10There is talk that another grand recital like this would happen soon! Who knows? We’d probably reach more than 300.. That would totally be a blast!

‘Till next post! 😉